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We do not offer jobs. We offer you a career in real estate.

We provide training throughout the trial period, which lasts for 3 months. The training includes theory and practice.In this hands-on experience the new employee receives from the first day of work.

List of Eligible Applicants consists of two parts.

The first - the ability to do the job the agent, it includes:

competent communication
computer skills, Office and knowledge of the Internet
the ability to analyze information
ability to navigate in documents and legislation
presentable appearanceview

The second requirement - there is an interest to work realtor.
For us, the most important factor for success in the field of real estate.

We believe that a genuine interest in the work itself, to communicate with people, maintain customer and help him to solve his problems, is necessary and is usually sufficient to achieve a good result.Creativity, passion, and as a result, success and prosperity for the customer, the employee and the company - only if there is interest.

Our team of mostly young, the atmosphere is friendly, active.

Our working conditions include a flat rate and percentage, which also sets us apart in the market.

The list of open positions:

Property Manager, Realtor

Real Estate Agent (trainee)

+380 44 362-78-25